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Speak English..PLEASE!!!

Did you read the title? Good…now get to it! No, I’m not speaking to the millions of first generation Americans who make their way to the shores of this country yearly. Unfortunately, I’m talking directly to those among us too lazy to enunciate….pronounce….just plain SPEAK!

Yes, in an informal setting liberties may be taken. But when you sound the same in an interview, as you do with your “mans n nem”…well, we have a problem. Communicating effectively is the key to progress.

Stop making excuses for slurred speech and ridiculous regional slang. If I move from NY to LA I shouldn’t have to take a language arts course. You have pride in where you live. Cool. But, how can you share your culture when nobody knows what the hell you’re saying?

I don’t expect scholarly discourse on the current socio-economic state of urban America…but can your subjects and verbs agree? Your sentences are arguing! Kids listen to music more than they listen to teachers. Do you want Waka Flocka preparing your child for a standardized English test? Do you?

Hey…you’re in America…speak the language! Stop it B…

I’m Allergic to Dumb Stuff

Perhaps you’ve seen one (or all) of my “Stop it B” videos. Maybe you’ve thought to yourself “wow, dude is angry”. Or you’ve thought to yourself “it’s not that big of a deal”.

Let me clarify, yes I’m angry…and hell yes it IS that big of a deal! It’s not just about no homo, sink models, or pretty boys. It’s waaaaaaay bigger. It’s about people. It’s about the children. It’s about life. Pop culture used to be a reflection of life. Now life imitates the worst of pop culture.

You know my feelings about about the current state of hip hop music. If not, allow me to give you a brief overview: the people accept garba…no the people EMBRACE garbage! It’s not the artists’ fault. The lowest common denominator is not something to aspire to become. But many are PROUD to be a part of the “music that says NOTHING” movement. I’m ecstatic to see the spread of hip hop internationally. But, I abhor knowing that little kids in China see Soulja Boi as somehow representative of hip hop and by extension, America.

The ignorance we allow to be called art (it’s not just music, black TV/movies suck sphincter too) is embarrassing. We have to demand better. The talent exists. Yes it’s about the money…bullshit sells. But who is buying it? Stop blaming viacom. It’s not Soulja boi’s fault. WE are buying it. We are tuning in. We are buying movie tickets and DVD’s. Spend YOUR money on quality…or just keep being “cool”….and ignorant. Stop it B